5 Ways You Can Help Your Local Charity

5 Ways You Can Help Your Local Charity

Wondering just how to help your local charity? Our long time support and offering of high value charity data management software to charities throughout the country has given us great insight into this. We pride ourselves on reducing cost, but maximising efficiency for organisations using our software. We are led by our passion for helping charities and hospices run efficiently and cost-effectively; so they are able to do the fantastic things they do for society. We know there are things everyone can do to support these charities and we are going to offer some of our favourites.

Donate Some Money

Financial donations really go a long way – as charitable organisations are often funded mostly from monetary gifts and donations. You don’t have to be part of a big organisation to be financially valuable to your local charity. Donations keep charities doors open and people should never feel discouraged from supporting wherever they can. We know people can sometimes feel as though their donations are insignificant – but this isn’t true. If everyone donated £1, imagine how much change that could affect. The UK donated a brilliant total of 10.3 billion to charities in 2017, though the number of donors fell in comparison to 2016 This could be due to a number of reasons, but the statistic can remind us all of the importance of supporting charities financially however we are able. There are a number of ways one can donate:

  • Coin Box
  • Cash
  • Fundraising
  • Events/Sports
  • Sponsorship
  • Proportion of Wage/Salary
  • Direct Debit Donations
  • Bequests

Donate Your Clothes

A lot of us have far too many clothes that we don’t need, wear or even want anymore. The idea of doing anything with them can feel quite overwhelming… especially when it’s a huge amount. One way individuals can really help their local charity, is by donating the best of these items to them. If your local charity has a shopfront, they will be able to sell on your items for the best cause. What better way to get rid of the clothes you never wear? In 2018, there was news of charity shops being flooded with too many clothes of poor quality – simply as a means of disposal. We want to stress that you should only donate clothes of good quality. Think of the kind of quality you would expect to buy. This will really help save your local charity a lot of time and money.

Do Your Research

It’s great to research your local charities to better your understanding of their services and just who needs them. Knowing a bit more about your local charity is a great incentive for doing your part. People often like to associate with charities with a cause that is close to their heart. Being inquisitive and doing your research will likely inspire you to get involved – especially if you’re unsure of where to start.

Word of Mouth

Telling your friends, family and colleagues of the charity you support can have brilliant benefits. Be part of creating a buzz around your chosen charity and inspire those you love to get involved however they can. Telling your loved ones about your favourite charity can increase monetary donations and involvement too. 

Volunteer With Your Chosen Charity

One of the most meaningful ways you can help your local charity is to get involved and volunteer. Charities are always in need of volunteers, whether in the form of shop assistants, support or administration. Getting involved is a fantastic way to help. You are able to assist in the necessary everyday operations, and can be a part of ensuring things are running smoothly and efficiently. Donating your time is a truly invaluable way of helping your local charity – whether big or small. 

Here at Vantage Technologies, we are passionate about helping charities run as efficiently and as smoothly as possible with our data management software. We’re trying to do our part… join us wherever you can.

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