Vantage Technologies was established in 1988 and quickly grew to be the dominant provider of medical coding software to the NHS with our specialised Medicode software. Following the successful sale of the Medicode application to 3M, the Vantage Technologies team turned our focus to using technology to create accessible and adaptable data management software solutions for companies, local authorities, and multi-agency organisations.

Launching Our Data Management Software

In August 2016, working from our Head Office in Sheffield, Vantage launched a variety of data management software modules that can be used as standalone applications or in custom-developed systems for every organisation’s unique requirements. Our modules have been developed to address data management issues organisations face in their daily operations, from effectively assessing and managing risk, to performing audits and adhering to compliance regulations, to recording incidents and responding to complaints.

Some of our modules have been designed for more specialised applications, including offender management, anti-social behaviour management, and MARAC domestic abuse records management. Our highly secure system with comprehensive access controls is ideal for handling sensitive information and protecting confidentiality.

What Our Software Includes

Vantage’s software package provides the Vantage business database manager, a selection of software modules, reporting capabilities, security, and hosting. You can select modules based on your needs; all can be fully integrated with your current data management solutions for the efficient transfer of data between platforms, plus sending and receiving data from external organisations is effortlessly simple.

The Vantage platform provides integrated software solutions for multi-agency, multi-company, multi-disciplinary, and cross-boundary information gathering and sharing. Furthermore, if required we can provide you with a development licence so you can custom develop software modules to your organisation’s specifications using our extensive templates and datasets.

In today’s world, the business and social environment is constantly changing; more and more information must be shared across corporate, business, social care, healthcare, policing, council and geographical boundaries, to provide immediate access to accurate information. Additionally, with an ever-increasing appetite for targets, objectives, frameworks, guidelines and accountability, there is a real need for effective compliance and auditing systems.

We have developed Vantage data management software with evolving business needs in mind; to find out more about the capabilities of our software, head to our contact page to make an enquiry or book a demonstration.

Using interface schemas, we can import and export data using a variety of tools, reducing data entry and duplication of data. Single Sign On (SSO) is also used extensively to save users time logging in to multiple systems. ADT Technology is used to pass through access rights and security permissions to the Vantage modules.

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