Enterprise Licence for Data Management Software

One licence; unlimited software modules; unlimited users.

For many organisations, purchasing and maintaining multiple software systems for data management can be a time consuming and costly process. With Vantage Technologies, this doesn’t have to be the case! Our data management software platform is perfect for organisations who need to manage multiple datasets, as everything is accessible from one system.

For clients who require the ultimate flexibility in data management, we have created the Enterprise Licence. The Vantage Technologies enterprise software licence acts as an annual retainer, within which you can pick and choose which of our specialist modules you want on your bespoke data management dashboard.

The Benefits of an Enterprise Licence

With a Vantage Technologies enterprise software licence, you gain:

  • Access to all the Vantage software modules you need on any authorised device.
  • An accessible data management platform where you can easily record and retrieve data, as well as send and receive data from other systems.
  • Unparalleled security with an ISO 27001 compliant hosting platform.
  • The ability to create custom document templates and reports, as well as upload images, files, and barcodes to have all the information you need in one place.

Our Data Management Software Modules

We have created our data management modules for general and specific purposes, from risk management and health and safety to offender management and safeguarding. Explore our list of modules to find out more:

Who Uses The Enterprise Licence?

Many corporate, public sector, and third sector organisations have benefitted from the Vantage Technologies enterprise software licence. Have a look at the following examples to see the variety of sectors who can make use of an enterprise licence:


Our platform is an excellent charity software solution for data management tailored to this sector. Charities find a range of our modules suited to their data management needs, such as incident and complaints management, risk management and assessments, health and safety, contract and asset management, performance management, and quality management.


The Vantage Technologies platform has many relevant modules for hospice data management, including risk management and assessment, health and safety, safeguarding, CQC quality compliance, performance management, fm/asset management and contract management.

Local Government

Councils are looking to have fewer systems that talk to each other and share data at a reduced cost. With automated linkages between people or locations involved in ASB, Offender Management, Safeguarding and Domestic Violence, councils can reduce costs and improve efficiency using the Vantage Enterprise licence.


Education organisations across the UK make use of Vantage Technologies software, prominently including universities and other higher education institutions. Universities can make use of a variety of our modules, those of central importance including student safeguarding, staff health and safety, performance management, complaint and incident management, and risk management.

Corporate Clients

Beyond the public sector, many private companies and small businesses have found a Vantage enterprise licence incredibly useful for their day to day data management processes. Corporations have used the licence to create bespoke data management platforms with custom modules for health and safety, risk management, performance management, audit and quality management, and more.

Enterprise Licence for Data Management Software

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