Phoenix Hospital Group Testimonial
Phoenix Hospital Group Data Management Software Testimonial

The Phoenix Hospital Group is a prestigious London-based private healthcare group with a state-of-the-art hospital on Weymouth Street and two specialist outpatient clinics on Harley Street, including specialist diagnostic and imaging facilities. With a dedication to providing the highest quality service for their patients, having a great data management system in place was high up in the group’s priorities for excellent levels of care.

Director of Clinical Services, Theo Luck, ultimately chose Vantage Technologies as the best option for Phoenix Hospital Group as a healthcare provider and SME. The flexibility of the Vantage system has enabled Phoenix to adapt our software to their requirements as a healthcare provider, creating the reports they need and keeping crucial information for incident management all in one place.

“As Phoenix has grown, the Vantage platform has been able to adapt and grow along with us.”

Phoenix has also found our data management software very beneficial for the management and reporting of incidents in line with Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations: “the Vantage platform is configurable to our needs and we’ve been able to build our reporting procedures to suit the expectations of the CQC, which is a crucial aspect for us day to day.”

Choosing Data Management Software as an SME

For small businesses in particular, choosing the right data management software platform that provides what you need but won’t break the bank can be tricky. As an SME, Phoenix Group wanted to find a platform that would work for them without causing too much disruption to their team either.

“A key reason for us choosing Vantage over other providers is that they have a considerably better price, in comparison to the market leader for example. The Vantage platform also had a much shorter implementation time than the competitors we contacted, which made it a more attractive option for us.”

The fact that Vantage Technologies is also an SME means we have a great understanding of what works for SMEs and what doesn’t! Theo found this to be the case: “As Vantage are also an SME, we’ve received a more personalised service from them that you don’t tend to get from the bigger software providers. The level of customer service they offer has also really helped keep the platform flexible to our needs.”

“I would definitely recommend Vantage for SMEs as it is a good system that is very accessible in terms of pricing. Their software is straightforward, and it delivers what you need.”

How Phoenix Hospital Group Uses Vantage Software

Phoenix started with Vantage’s Incident Reporting Software module, which has helped them keep track of any incidents and comply with Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements.

The healthcare group is now in the process of implementing our Facility Management Software module as part of their growing data management procedures. “Our staff are well-versed on the platform now and it’s great to have everything under one roof.”

Data Management Software for Healthcare Providers

The Vantage Technologies platform has a range of excellent modules for healthcare providers. Find out more about how the Vantage platform works for organisations within the health and care sector on our health and care management software page. Or you can get in touch with us to discuss your requirements with one of our representatives.

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