Data Management Software Modules

Vantage Technologies’¬†data management software modules include multiple risk, safety, asset, and compliance products into one system that can effectively be used by any organisation or company looking to streamline their data input and retrieval procedures.

Each of our modules is designed to work seamlessly together, creating easily searchable links between relevant datasets. Vantage software can be used to send and receive data from other systems for comprehensive data sharing and fast and efficient implementation of the new system into your working environment.

Vantage Data Management Software Modules

Our data management software modules are:

  • Efficient: having all the data you need within one system will save you time on searching multiple systems for information and manually putting together complex reports.
  • Flexible: we can build your Vantage data management system using the modules and features you need, whether your organisation is a charity, school, university, or council. Our data management system can be used on any device and accessed anywhere for ultimate efficiency and flexibility.
  • Comprehensive: We have created Vantage software to enable organisations to have all data on a single, secure platform. Upload images and files, use and create document templates, and scan barcodes into our system so everything you need is in one place.
  • Secure: we can host your web-based software with our highly secure, ISO 27001 compliant hosting provider, or alternatively host your software internally if required. Vantage software also boasts full permission control settings, so you can ensure all your data is only accessed by those with the correct authorisation.

We are proud to have created a variety of data management modules designed to help businesses and organisations with risk management, health and safety, safeguarding, asset management, incident reporting, and more. Explore our list of modules below to find out more:

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