Allegation Management Software

Managing allegations can be a daunting process for any organisation, but with the right system in place relevant data can be effectively recorded and easily retrieved for the transparent handling of alleged incidents. Allegation management is particularly important for any organisation working with children and minors, including schools, nurseries, healthcare providers, and local authorities. Having the right allegation management processes and procedures in place ensure allegations can be dealt with promptly and sensitively; Vantage Technologies have designed an allegation management software module so that a range of organisations and companies can achieve this aim.

Safeguarding and Managing Risk with Allegation Management Software

Our allegation management software module makes it easy to input and retrieve information about allegations made against paid and volunteer staff, as well as third parties, for effective safeguarding and minimisation of risk. If further action is required, crucial information about incidents will be easily accessible; the integrated nature of our platform means the allegation management module can be used in conjunction with other relevant modules, such as safeguarding management and risk management.

Allegation Management Software

Vantage’s allegation management software is web-based and it’s easy to attach images and files, set access permissions to protect information and confidentiality, and create document templates to standardise data input and retrieval. If you require more information about this module and our data management software in general, you can always get in touch with us to ask questions or request a demonstration of our technology.

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