Child Death Overview Panel Data Management Software

Child Death Overview Panels (CDOP) are responsible for the investigation into child deaths and ensuring similar deaths are prevented from happening in the future, through any ‘lessons learned’. This important health and safety procedure anticipates and works to prevent fatal accidents, using data to analyse risk patterns and create effective prevention strategies within organisations and across sectors. Such panels are central to UK government initiatives to safeguard children. It is therefore of crucial importance for organisations to have transparent and accessible CDOP management procedures in place, with the right data management technology on hand. This is why we have developed our Child Death Overview Panel data management software module.

CDOP Management: Effective Safeguarding and Risk Management

Vantage’s Child Death Overview Panel management software has been designed to provide effective risk management solutions in relation to preventable child death incidents and the safeguarding of children and minors. Our highly secure and user-friendly system enables organisations to respond rapidly to child death incidents, efficiently review and report on prevention practices, and identify health and safety issues that may lead to preventable child accidents. Our CDOP software has been adopted by local councils to improve their child death response procedures, aided by a system where data can be recorded and accessed quickly within custom-built document templates and accessed from any authorised device.

Child Death Overview Panel Data Management Software

Our data management system can save organisations time, costs, and – in the case of our CDOP module and related risk management modules – even lives. The accessibility and integrity of data has never been more important. To find out more about our CDOP management software, you can contact us with any enquiries or to book a demonstration.

We have long dedicated ourselves to developing systems that provide security, safety and ensure efficiency. See another example of this in our offender management software. You can read further into our software by visiting our data management software modules page.

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