MARAC Domestic Violence Records Management Software

Vantage’s Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) domestic violence records management system helps organisations such as councils and the local police create fully integrated and accessible data management procedures to effectively assess risk and support victims of domestic violence in the UK. This data management system is intuitive to use and we provide ongoing online help and guidance for continued support throughout implementation and use.

MARAC Management Software for Domestic Violence Risk

Our MARAC domestic violence records management software allows you to easily calculate risk according to the Coordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse (CAADA) developed scheme and monitor risk reduction over the course of a progressing case, with risk level colour coding available. With the Vantage system, you can create and manage full case histories, using custom-built document templates that can be automatically populated for efficient referrals. You can also attach images and files for evidence and further data access.

We are passionate about using our data management software to aid organisations working to improve public safety through effective information sharing and risk management; our MARAC domestic violence records management module is just one of our data management modules developed to help with health and safety, risk assessment, and safeguarding in a number of contexts. The domestic violence records management module can be used in combination with other modules, and indeed other data management systems, for the efficient retrieval and dissemination of crucial data across organisations.

To find out more about our MARAC domestic violence records management software, you can contact us here; our advisors are more than happy to answer questions or book a demonstration.

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