Incident Management Software

The effective recording and management of incidents is an everyday reality for many organisations, whether you are a charity, healthcare group, or local authority. Ideally, all data relating to an incident should be fully recorded and easily accessible, but in practice, data can become lost within multiple software systems and recording procedures. Vantage Technologies have developed our incident management software module to address these issues, enabling you to record and retrieve data within one highly secure, flexible, and intuitively designed system. Get in touch with us today to end your search for incident management solutions today.

End-to-end Incident Management Software

Our incidents management software module has been designed to deliver an end-to-end incident management recording service, from the initial response to an incident, to reporting on and investigating incidents, to resolving and closing them. This module can easily be used in conjunction with other Vantage modules – for instance our complaints management module – and with external systems, such as your organisation’s current incident management system, to ensure a smooth transition of data into the Vantage system.

Our data management modules are hosted on a highly secure ISO 27001 compliant platform, though you can also host our software elsewhere depending on your requirements. We have developed our data management technology to be device independent and simple to use, with online help and guidance continuously available.

Incident Management Solutions

Get in touch with us to find out more about our incident management solutions; one of our consultants will be more than happy to give a demonstration at a time and location of your convenience.

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