Offender Management Software

Our offender management software system has been developed for police forces and councils to record and find crucial and often sensitive data efficiently and effectively using highly secure methods. With Vantage Technologies software, organisations benefit from accessing data anywhere, using any type of device, but only on devices where stringent security methods permit authorised access. For security flexibility, the software can be hosted on our highly secure platform, an on-premise location, or a third-party hosting option. This system can also be used in compliance with our anti-social behaviour case management software. We ensure complete efficiency and security for everything from low risk offenders to serious cases of high importance. For an example of how we provide perfect tools for organisations with sensitive data, please see our child death overview panel data management software.

Fully Integrated Offender Management Software

Having a streamlined process of data administration can help simplify the incredibly complex nature of corrections operations, while easily allowing multiple agencies to work together on productive and effective offender procedures and solutions. Our offender management system has been designed to fully integrate important information so offenders can be quickly identified and understood. This includes options to attach images and files so all data is easily accessible from one place.

Vantage Technologies software can be custom-developed to suit the needs and priorities of your organisation. Furthermore, our system can be made compatible with existing software systems for the effortless transfer and formatting of important information into customisable document templates. With a range of software modules available, you can combine offender management with multiple datasets to assess risk, link offenders with factors such as anti-social behaviour and complaints, and quickly create fully customisable reports.

Offender Management

For an in-depth demonstration of Vantage Technologies’ offender management software, we can send one of our experienced data management consultants to show you how the system works and get to know your specific offender management requirements. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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