Performance Management Software

Vantage’s performance management software makes it easy to create performance reports and reviews, to the benefit of your individual staff members and workforce. Our easy-to-use, accessible system drives engagement and performance awareness, encouraging managers and teams to set targets and achieve performance-related goals, whether you are looking to increase efficiency, implement new procedures, or monitor compliance.

Our platform has been designed to offer continuous performance management capabilities. The software encourages real-time feedback and makes the easily forgettable annual review a problem of the past.

Performance Management Software

Accessible Performance Management Software

Set employee, cascading, or organisation-wide goals and automate your workflows and reviews with our web-based platform, which can be accessed anywhere for quick and easy data retrieval and analysis. Vantage also offers continued online guidance and support to ensure the software learning process is simple and effectual for all staff.

We have endeavoured to make the performance review platform transparent and easy to use, ensuring an understandable and fair process for all employees, making it a fantastic addition for relationship management.

Our performance management software is just one of our various data management products used by organisations including academies and schools for ITT students, teaching and support staff. Depending on your needs, you can implement one of our software packages or we can help you obtain an enterprise software licence to create and manage custom-built modules while gaining access to our expertly developed modules and datasets to create your ultimate module dashboard.

Performance Management Software

If you would like to see a demonstration of how our performance management technology works, we are more than happy to send one of our experienced consultants to your offices – simply get in touch!

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