Risk Assessment Software

Risk assessment forms one of the key procedural aspects required by all organisations: effective risk management for all members of staff. In practice, however, it can be time-consuming to document and disseminate risk assessment information across an organisation. Vantage Technologies have developed our streamlined risk assessment software module to tackle this issue, offering an efficient system of identifying, documenting, assessing, and ultimately managing risk.

Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessment Software

Vantage’s risk assessment software can be used for quantitative and qualitative risk assessments, acting as a crucial and comprehensive source of risk management data for use across organisations in a variety of health and safety contexts. Our carefully developed, web-based risk assessment management module provides the accessibility organisations need to anticipate and mitigate risk from anywhere and on any device, while providing the data and knowledge needed to drive forward company-wide risk assessment strategies.

We provide risk assessment document templates that can be fully customised for the needs of your organisation, to identify the workplace hazards that apply to your employees daily and in special circumstances. Automated prompts and reminders help your organisation fulfil key risk assessment legal requirements and audit risk assessment data for compliance purposes.

Risk Assessment Software

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