Safeguarding Management Software

One of our most popular data management software modules is our safeguarding software module. It has been designed to promote professional safeguarding practices within many key sectors who work with children, adults, and young adults. We believe that a flexible, accessible, and streamlined safeguarding management platform is crucial to improving the protection of vulnerable individuals and swift detection of risks. Our module will help your organisation improve your safeguarding practices and achieve targets, to the benefit of all. This module can be used in compliance with our Domestic Violence Records Management software to ensure completely safety and security.

Organisations that commonly benefit from safeguard software include charities, hospices, councils, schools, universities, and the police. We have worked with all these organisations and more to develop a comprehensive safeguarding software module, which can be used on its own or in combination with the other products we offer and, if needed, additional data systems your organisation uses.

Why Choose Vantage Safeguarding Software?

The flexibility of our data management software greatly benefits the processes of data input and retrieval that can be so important to effective safeguarding. The safeguarding module can be linked to other datasets within your customised software platform to ensure you receive the fullest picture possible of an individual’s history, making it easier to identify issues and anticipate future risks by identifying patterns and relevant factors. Reporting and analytics options make it easy to quickly access an overview of a person’s situation and history.

Our highly secure platform can be accessed from anywhere, with no device restrictions, so concerns can be raised quickly and effectively. Paired with this, full control over access rights and permissions ensures data is only accessible to the right people.

Safeguarding Software

If you are interested in Vantage’s safeguarding software and want to find out more about how our data management capabilities can benefit your organisation, you can contact us for more information and to book a demonstration.

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