Charity Software for Data Management

We work with charities and non-profits to provide custom developed data management charity software solutions that fit with each organisation’s unique structural requirements and operational goals. Whether you are looking to employ a more effective database management system, perform audits and inspections more efficiently, or improve responses to incidents and complaints, Vantage Technologies can supply you with a highly adaptable and secure system tailored to your needs.

With Vantage Technologies software, charities can improve operational efficiency and information accessibility with a full data management solution, all on a single system. Our charity data management software provides expert database management, bespoke document templates for rapid and effective data input, and information security on our ISO 27001 compliant hosting platform. We can also ensure our software is fully compatible with your current systems and third-party platforms for the easy transfer of data both internally and externally.

Charity Software

Charity Software Modules

The Vantage Technologies data management system provides several useful modules for charity management, including:

Vantage Technologies software will provide you with the relevant modules you need, on a device-independent platform that makes it easy to add, modify, and search for data, while you have full control over access permissions to protect sensitive information. If needed, our platform also allows you to link to other systems for full charity management and compatibility, further saving you time and money.

Charity Software Enterprise License

Our software also enables you to create and manage your own charity management modules, with full access to our professionally developed modules and datasets. The Vantage Technologies Enterprise Software License is the ultimate solution for fully bespoke charity software, including custom-built document templates and reporting.

Charity Software

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