Council Data Management Software

Councils and local authorities face a vast number of issues relating to community safety management, care quality management, safeguarding, and quality compliance of care providers on a daily basis. Using a comprehensive and flexible data management system is key for ensuring daily operations requiring data input and retrieval run efficiently, smoothly, and most importantly without error. Vantage Technologies have developed our data management system to anticipate and address these crucial organisational requirements, for the benefit of local councils and authorities across the UK.

Vantage data management software offers local authorities and council organisations with the precision, security, and automation needed for streamlined data processing. We can develop specialised document templates for data input, making it easy to add and modify information with standardised methods across your organisation, saving time and increasing accuracy in the process. Our software is highly secure and can be hosted by us, by you, or by a third-party platform depending on your requirements. Our highly developed permission controls allow you to determine access at every level for data security and protection.

Council Data Management Software Modules

Our council data management software consists of several specialised modules to offer complete solutions for community safety and care service providers, incorporating the datasets local authorities need:

If needed, we can also help you obtain a software license to create a fully-customised data management platform while benefiting from our modules and templates. We have designed our software to function on any device, so data can be accessed from anywhere if the user is authorised. Vantage software provides a data management solution within a single system, which can be designed to be compatible with your systems and third-parties for the effective transfer and sharing of critical data between systems and organisations.

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