Health and Care Management Software

The commitments health and care providers make to the safety of their patients or clients and the highest quality of care can be undermined by an overly complex and ineffective data management system. Vantage Technologies have developed our care management software to address issues of efficiency and productivity, allowing professionals working in the high-pressure environments of health and care provision to input and access data with improved accuracy and confidence.

As one of the most advanced healthcare data management companies on the market, Vantage Technologies offer the flexible creation of a master data management system for the effective transfer of critical data between IT systems and the consolidation of these systems. By using Vantage care management software, you can quickly import and merge datasets from multiple systems, so that all the identity and reference information you need can then be accessed from a single platform, which has been designed for intuitive use.

Our software is ideal for multi-agency work and the sharing of important information securely across organisations, for instance with healthcare information exchanges (HIEs). Vantage software also comes with auditing and compliance tools designed to make comprehensive auditing easy to achieve and fulfil regulatory requirements such as CQC inspections.

In line with your organisation’s unique aims and requirements, we can develop your software to be compatible with internal and third-party systems, or even help you obtain a software license for custom data management software creation with use of our modules and datasets.

Care Management Software

Healthcare Data Management Software Modules

The care management software modules we have created for use by health and care providers include:

Care Management Software

To find out more about how we have developed the Vantage data management system for healthcare providers and how our software can help your organisation, visit our contact page. Alternatively, discover more about our software’s capabilities on our products page.

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