University Data Management Software

Effective data management has quickly become essentially important for universities and further education institutions, for purposes ranging from risk management and safeguarding to auditing and performance management. Using the right data management software enables universities to effectively strategise and implement administration management procedures, by templating and in some cases automating data input and reporting to save time and money on lengthy administration tasks.

Vantage Technologies have developed our bespoke data management software to provide the services a university needs to manage risk, safeguard students, and promote health and safety practices more effectively to all staff. Our software can be used on a variety of devices, for flexible access and online guidance from the Vantage team wherever you are. We have also ensured our university management software is highly secure, creating sophisticated access options so you have full control over permissions and data confidentiality.

University Management Software

University Management Software Modules

The modules we have developed for higher education administration include:

We also understand that each university is unique in their requirements; our university management software is highly adaptable, allowing you to choose the modules you need and even create your own modules using our development tools with a Vantage Technologies Enterprise License. In the interest of flexibility and smooth implementation of a new system, we can also ensure our software is compatible with your existing platforms and that data can be easily sent and retrieved from third-party systems. Hosting options are also numerous; whether you need internal hosting or wish to be hosted by us, we can shape our software to your requirements.

University Management Software

To find out more about what Vantage Technologies software can do for the data management effectiveness of your university’s administration, you can get in touch with us to make an enquiry or book a free demonstration with one of our expert consultants.

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