The Increasing Need for Great Value for Hospices

In May 2019, news of one of the UK’s 200 independent hospices having to close down hit the headlines. Issues like a lack of government funding, medical understaffing and increasing costs of care is said to be the cause. News like this truly brings to light the importance of acknowledging the ways we can support our country’s hospices. This support can be shown in a range of ways. Our donations go an incredibly long way to helping with the sustenance of our local hospices, and they can often come by means of fundraising events, charity shops and bequests. This can also be supported by big sums from donors and governmental funding too. Another pretty important way is finding value in all necessary equipment, services and software.

Rising Hospice Costs

Rising costs within the industry for advancing medical care and equipment has caused many hospices to feel financial strain in trying to keep hospice doors open. The same can be said for expensive costs of hospice software – with many hospices being overcharged for their data management tools. We are proud to offer risk and business data management software that ensures accuracy, efficiency and a smooth management of your datasets without charging too much for it.

Vantage Technologies offer data management solutions for hospices that supports the effective safeguarding of patients, improve health and safety processes and expertly manage risk, all on one customisable platform. We stand out from the crowd not only for our exceptional value, but also for our comprehensive software system that is easy to use and flexible. Users of our hospice data management software can select and modify any of the 16 software modules based on the organisation’s specific needs.

We have been at the forefront of technology for years, and we partner this specialist technological knowledge with our passion for customer satisfaction and loyalty. One of our main priorities is to bring exceptional value to our customers with one all-encompassing licence, one cost and 16 modules.

June 10th, 2019|Hospices, Industry News|