Organisations Using Our Data Management Software

Vantage Technologies work with a variety of organisations to improve the accessibility of crucial and sensitive information, our clients ranging from educational establishments and charities to healthcare providers, corporate clients, and local authorities. Our data management software is perfectly placed to protect important data while our modules work seamlessly together to provide information quickly and flexibly. Whether you require effective data management for risk assessment, safeguarding, or health and safety, our software has been designed to save your organisation time and money by streamlining the processes of data input and retrieval into one system.

Organisations Using Vantage Data Management Software

We specialise in working with clients where data accuracy, access, and protection are crucial. The types of organisation we consistently work with include:

Organisations can greatly benefit from our data management technology in several ways; Vantage modules integrate all the data you need into one system where adding and finding data is easy, plus online guidance from Vantage makes the system simple to learn and use. You can also comprehensively set access rights for employees and third parties to ensure the safety of information for risk management and safeguarding purposes.

Vantage modules can be customised with multiple templates available, and for ultimate flexibility we can grant you a software license for creating and managing your own software modules to your specific requirements, with all of Vantage’s modules and datasets available on a highly secure platform, which can be hosted internally or externally.

To find out more about what Vantage Technologies can offer for your organisation, click on the examples listed above or get in touch with us to discuss your data management requirements and request a demo from one of our experienced consultants.

Alternatively, you can find out more about the software packages and data management modules we provide on our software modules page.

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