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Data Management Software

Vantage Technologies is a data management software developer working with companies and multi-agency organisations to provide highly efficient and customisable data management solutions. Our range of data management modules have been designed for organisations to fully yet quickly record and access information within a single system, which is also compatible with external systems for the transparent and effective sending and receiving of data.

The advantages of the Vantage data management software modules are numerous and diverse, depending on the unique data requirements of your business or organisation. Whether you need one of our standard product packages or software licensing to create and modify your own modules, we can develop the ideal system for your data management procedures, ultimately saving you time and money on data recording and administration.

Each of our modules has been designed to work seamlessly together, creating easily searchable links between relevant datasets, and Vantage software can be used to send and receive data from other systems for comprehensive data sharing and swift implementation of the new system into your working environment. Read more about our data management software modules here.

Enterprise Licence: Bespoke Data Management Software

Looking for a completely bespoke data management platform with only the modules you need? We have created the Enterprise Licence to help you create custom software that’s perfect for your organisation but with access to our module templates and expert support.

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Features of Our Data Management Software

Flexible Data Management

Modules can be singularly implemented or integrated with other modules, all depending on the unique needs of your organisation. The modules encompass diverse yet complementary data requirements private and public organisations alike find crucial to daily operations; from risk assessment and safeguarding, to health and safety management, to auditing, compliance, and performance management, our software can flexibly incorporate several modules to build your ideal module dashboard, enabling access to a wide variety of data within one simple system. To find out more about the software modules we have developed, head over to our products page.

Secure Data Management

The organisations we commonly work with include schools and universities, the police, local councils, charities, hospices, corporate groups, and health and care providers. We are adept at working with organisations where data security is crucial and information needs to be sensitively handled; our hosting provider is highly secure and ISO 27001 compliant, but you can also host your Vantage software elsewhere depending on your regulatory requirements. Our data management software also has fully realised access and permission controls, so you can ensure staff and third-parties can only access the appropriate information and records. We have put together a guide to the organisations we work with to show you more about what we can do for your organisation.

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