Many businesses and organisations have benefitted from using Vantage Technologies data management software for the improvement of their day to day management and advancement of organisational goals. We’re proud to provide a range of public and private sector organisations with a software platform that works for them, whether they require a range of modules or an enterprise software licence to create their own data management platform with our support. Find out more in our testimonials section.

Testimonials from Vantage Software Users

We work with a range of sectors and organisations, all of which have different data management requirements. Check out the following testimonials from our clients to find out about how Vantage software has benefitted them:

Data Management Software Testimonials: Martin House Hospice

The Yorkshire-based children’s hospice Martin House uses our software to create custom modules to suit their needs in relation to facility and asset management and staff development and are currently rolling out bespoke modules for risk management and complaints management.

“With the Vantage system we can centralise all our datasets and data management procedures into one place, making it a much smoother process to share important information between departments.”

Phoenix Hospital Group Logo

The prestigious private healthcare organisation Phoenix Hospital Group use Vantage software to create the reports they need as a healthcare provider, with attention to Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidelines and other areas of compliance, risk management, and incident management.

“A key reason for us choosing Vantage over other providers is that they have a considerably better price, in comparison to the market leader for example.”

St Helena Hospice Logo

St Helena Hospice chose Vantage Technologies as their data management software provider for risk management, facilities management, and incident reporting. As a charity organisation, the hospice found our bespoke yet affordable approach to data management perfectly suited to their requirements.

“The system has proven itself to be powerful, flexible, and easy to configure and use. The effect it has had on the quality of our, previously paper-based, incident reporting has been nothing short of transformative.”

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